Apache Wicket – WebSocket Support

With Apache Wicket there exists a component based Web Framework which supports the new WebSocket protocol.
I want to give you a short introduction to Apache Wicket with the focus on the new WebSocket Support. It will be explained by developing a little real-time chat application in 7 steps.

As I mentioned in my previous article WebSocket versus Comet, there are good reasons using the new WebSocket protocol.
There are some Web Frameworks supporting this new protocol in their technology stack.

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WebSocket versus Comet – Real-Time Web Applications


Many web application developers have tried to develop a high performance web application with real-time behaviors. A common example of such an application could be a communication web platform like a chat application. A message sent by a user should be transmitted in real-time to other users.

Years ago I tried to develop a chat web application but until now it has not been so easy to achieve. I would like to show you how easily and clearly it can be implemented today.
There will be a comparison of the different approaches to develop a real-time web application which will show that it has never been easier to achieve it before.

The approaches I want to compare are the “new” WebSocket technology and the “old” Comet approach. First you will see how difficult it was and how easy it is today to write a small communication platform. You will also get the easy and clear source code of the communication platform through the WebSocket technology. This article does not cover a complete WebSocket description but a short insight of the WebSocket technology advantages and a practical usage.

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