Getting a native App feeling with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, Part 3

In this third part of how to get a native app feeling with HTML, Javascript and CSS we will build a basic but solid navigation system. This is where we start building our application and influence our know-how from part 1 and part 2.

While my colleague at Point Software, François Scheurer, is working on his next article of how to make a chess game in the Scala programming language, we will use our know-how gained in the last two parts of this series to build the frontend of the game.

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HTML5 video in Scala or Java with Xuggle


If you are looking for information to use free libraries to convert and resize video files within a Scala or Java project, you may probably have cross the road of an open source project called Xuggle .
This library is written in Java but is using native code from ffmpeg (another open source project) for the many video and audio codecs.

    This tutorial will guide you to:

  • build the Xuggle project on Debian Linux
  • write a sample class in Java and Scala to use Xuggle
  • resize a video and resample its audio
  • convert common video/audio formats to HTML5 video

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