HTML5 video in Scala or Java with Xuggle


If you are looking for information to use free libraries to convert and resize video files within a Scala or Java project, you may probably have cross the road of an open source project called Xuggle .
This library is written in Java but is using native code from ffmpeg (another open source project) for the many video and audio codecs.

    This tutorial will guide you to:

  • build the Xuggle project on Debian Linux
  • write a sample class in Java and Scala to use Xuggle
  • resize a video and resample its audio
  • convert common video/audio formats to HTML5 video

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Getting a native App feeling with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, Part 1


The world has significantly changed after smartphones has been released, especially after the first iPhone. Therefore mobile applications became popular very quickly. Since I own an iPhone, I was excited how people around the world got fascinated for mobile applications, also known as apps. The more frustrating it is as a web developer, not being able to write own mobile apps in a native way.

Many features native apps do support, seem to be impossible to realize only with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this blog series you will see, that it is possible to get the native app feeling within a web application!

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WebSocket versus Comet – Real-Time Web Applications


Many web application developers have tried to develop a high performance web application with real-time behaviors. A common example of such an application could be a communication web platform like a chat application. A message sent by a user should be transmitted in real-time to other users.

Years ago I tried to develop a chat web application but until now it has not been so easy to achieve. I would like to show you how easily and clearly it can be implemented today.
There will be a comparison of the different approaches to develop a real-time web application which will show that it has never been easier to achieve it before.

The approaches I want to compare are the “new” WebSocket technology and the “old” Comet approach. First you will see how difficult it was and how easy it is today to write a small communication platform. You will also get the easy and clear source code of the communication platform through the WebSocket technology. This article does not cover a complete WebSocket description but a short insight of the WebSocket technology advantages and a practical usage.

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Botox For Your Android Smartphones and Tablets

“Under the Hood” blog series – getting a deeper technical insight like the mobile solutions, JVM, computer languages, scripts, databases and other interesting tools and technologies. Each blog in this series is a result from our experiences, customer projects and gained knowledge through the web community.

It is the Android Software that Counts, Stupid!

Are you planning to purchase an Android smartphone? Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of devices? You don’t want a new smartphone but your device is outdated? There is this specific app you want to install and requires a new Android Operating System version?

Would it not be nice to have something similar like botox for your wrinkles but for your old device? Well, there is. It is called “mod” and requires hacking instead of injecting.

This blog will not help you in deciding which hardware or manufacturer fits you better. Instead I can provide some clarifications about the various Android derivatives.

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