Git and GitHub: Tooling your Software Workflow and Development Life Cycle

History of Software Engineering

Since the 1940s when software engineering started close on hardware level until today on various technologies like embedded systems, web and mobile apps the demand on development process has increased tremendously. As a result in the 1980s the cost of owning and maintaining was twice as expensive as developing software.

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Howto – bash audit / command logger


Having a complete history of all typed commands can be very helpful in many scenarios:

  • when several administrators work together on the same server and need to know what was done previously
  • when someone need to redo an older sequence of commands or to understand an undocumented maintenance process
  • for troubleshooting or forensic analysis, by crosschecking the date of an event or of a file with the commands executed at that date

The standard ‘.bash_history’ file of the shell is unfortunately not written on disk in the case of a crash and it may be deleted by the user.
Another problem is that when many shell sessions are running concurrently, their logging will only occur when they are closed, therefore the commands of the history will not appear in their chronological order.
Furthermore, ‘.bash_history’ will not include essential information like the ‘working directory’ of the command; and by default the repetition or re-edition of commands will not be logged, too.

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All cluster-nodes are equal, but some are more equal than others

Hardware clustering is frequently used in computer systems where high availability and scalability are needed. In horizontal clustering the same application software is typically installed on multiple identical nodes. For web applications load balancing software such as Cisco’s ‘Global Site Selector’ is used to direct client requests to nodes based on rules (fig 1). The logic may be complicated e.g. based on heartbeats, heuristic load balancing etc. or simple such as ‘route everything to node2 because scheduled maintenance is planned for node1′.

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